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Augmented Social Media Presence

wasting yet more time

Check out my other social media accounts which mainly echo (that’s clever-speak for “copy”) the content from this website, although there may be some “original” content on those sites (“original” used in a very loose sense). Check back in on this page every, say, seven years or so, as I will hopefully be augmenting my social media presence (read: wasting yet more time and avoiding yet more chores) by adding more accounts.

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Reviews From The Archives


Sometimes I will post reviews that were originally published elsewhere several years ago. I will mark such reviews explicitly by marking them as “Reviews from the Archives” with the above logo. This is just to make it clear when I’m not (i) reviewing a currently-available-on-Netflix film, nor (ii) “RE-viewing” a film, that is, taking a look at it with fresh eyes years later.

But why would I publish old reviews here? Mainly, so as to make them available through this site.

© 2020 Bryan A. J. Parry