Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power S1E6 150 Word Review “Udûn” #AmazonReview #LOTR #RingsofPower #150WordReview

a memberberry wrapped in a mystery box just for the sake of it

In Episode 6, everything happens and nothing happens.

The orcs invade, Adar’s identity is revealed, the evil sword’s purpose is exposed, and the finale is, err, explosive. But it’s a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. We simply don’t care about the characters, the dialogue is awful, and nothing makes any sense — especially the ending. Thus, the action is less active and more like a bunch of random stuff happening.

Also, the series is nothing more than a soft reboot of LotR, a memberberry wrapped in a mystery box just for the sake of it. There’s probably-Gandalf, Legolas 2, Gimli 2, basically-Hobbits, Female Sam and Frodo, and so on. We’ve also got pseudo-ring (the broken sword) and pseudo-Gollum (what’s-her-face’s son).

As for the ending… I don’t see how the series can even continue, short of a cop-out “it was all a dream” or a deus ex machina “resolution”.

Just about passable — if you don’t think about anything.


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